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A2300 Y/C Manual Photo Software
Kimatek, France
Zorro II, video slot
    internal genlock
  • Y/C genlock with integrated RGB splitter and fader
  • consists of a modified Commodore A2300 genlock and a Zorro II card
  • the A2300 is extended with an additional circuit board and the Composite (RCA) input and output is replaced with Y/C (S-VHS)
  • the Zorro II card performs the RGB splitting (3× RCA) and fading
  • the cards are connected together by a ribbon cable

    Kimatek A2300 Y/C - Genlock card front side
    Genlock card, front side

    Kimatek A2300 Y/C - Fader card front side
    Fader card, front side

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