Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

AddHard Photo
Ashcom Design, UK
side expansion port
 Autoconfig ID
2112 / 48
    SCSI Host Adapter
  • NCR 53C80 controller IC
  • 50 pin internal header
  • hard disk activity and power LED
  • RDB compatible
  • autoboot ROM
  • place for a 3.5" hard disk inside the case
  • connects to the side expansion port
  • passthrough connector
  • doesn't seem to work with software that scans all units (e.g. HDToolBox) - instead, HDInstTools or the GVP FaaastPrep program can be used:
    • device driver has to be loaded into RAM first, by issuing "version ADD_SCSI.device"
    • HDInstTools / FaaastPrep has to be called with device driver and unit as parameter ("ADD_SCSI.device unit 0")
  • no disable switch nor external SCSI connector

    Ashcom Design AddHard -  inside side
    inside side

    Ashcom Design AddHard -  left side
    left side

    Ashcom Design AddHard -  rear side
    rear side

    Ashcom Design AddHard -  right side
    right side

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