Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

AlfaPower Manual Photo Software
Alfa Data / BSC, Taiwan
side expansion port
 Autoconfig ID
2092 / 6,8
    IDE controller
  • uses polled I/O, not DMA transfer
  • RDB compatible
  • 40 and 44 pin internal IDE headers
  • place for a 3.5" hard disk inside the case
  • uses the same autoboot ROMs as the BSC AT-Bus 508 / 2008
  • can use the same partitioning software as the AT-Bus series (HDInstTools)
  • sixteen ZIP sockets accept 8 MB RAM
  • supports either static column or page mode ZIPs
  • accepts ZIPs in groups of four giving 2, 4, 6 or 8 MB configurations
  • connects to the side expansion port, no passthrough connector
  • RAM and HD can be disabled by switches on the top of the case
  • connector for the optional external power supply, though it can use power from the A500

    Alfa Data / BSC AlfaPower -  front side
    front side

    Alfa Data / BSC AlfaPower -  back side
    back side

    BSC-HD.pdf (443 kB)
    Controller Hardware and Software Installation Manual (english/german)

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