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A.M.A.S Photo
Microdeal, UK
any Amiga
parallel port, serial port
  • A.M.A.S - Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler
  • 8 bit stereo soundsampler
  • up to 28 kHz sampling rate
  • samples are stored in up to 8 memory banks, up to 10 stereo samples per bank
  • load and save in RAW or IFF
  • audio connections:
    • 1× stereo input (2× RCA)
    • 1× microphone input (jack)
    • 1× MIDI In
    • 1× MIDI Out
    • 1× MIDI Through
  • up to four voice polyphonic MIDI operation
  • samples can be mapped across MIDI channel range
  • each sample can be assigned to a MIDI note value
  • connects to the Amiga via the parallel and serial ports

    Microdeal A.M.A.S -  front side
    front side

    Microdeal A.M.A.S -  rear side
    rear side

    Microdeal A.M.A.S - without cover rear side
    without cover, rear side

    Microdeal A.M.A.S - without cover front side
    without cover, front side

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