Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

AtéoBus Photo
Atéo Concepts, France
trapdoor slot
 Autoconfig ID
2026 / 252,253
4143 / 252,253
    ISA busboard
  • four ISA slots with 9 MB/s transfer speed
  • does not support DMA on its ISA bus
  • the adaptor board plugs into the trapdoor CPU connector - accelerators / RAM expansions are still usable
  • the busboard is connected by two ribbon cables and could be placed anywhere inside a tower case
  • special cards are available for the bus: graphics (Pixel 64), Ethernet (AtéoNet), SCSI, I/O (AtéoSer, AtéoPar)
  • any non-DMA ISA cards could be used if drivers were written for

    Atéo Concepts AtéoBus - Bus board front side
    Bus board, front side

    Atéo Concepts AtéoBus - Adapter board front side
    Adapter board, front side

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