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ChromaKey + Photo
MicroSearch, USA
any Amiga
RGB port
  • combines live video over other video sources
  • composite input and output (2× BNC)
  • Y/C input - selectable by a jumper inside the ChromaKey's box
  • connects to the RGB port between the Amiga and the genlock or directly to a Video Toaster
  • disable switch (Genlock / Chroma) - in Genlock position the video signal is passed through unaffected
  • the Normal / Invert switch selects between blue background or subject-area dropout
  • the keyed chroma level is adjustable by the slider
  • gives Video Toaster users the choice between luma and chroma keying and is controlled completely from the Switcher
  • procedure of operating with the Toaster:
    • ChromaKey's video output goes into Toaster's Input 1 through a time base corrector
    • the background video to be keyed over is connected to Input 2
    • ChromaKey's key output is connected to either Input 3 or 4
    • the switches and the slider is bypassed, the key effect is controlled by the Switcher
    • in the Switcher set the Program Bus to Video 1, the Preview Bus to Video 2, and the Overlay Bus to Input 3 or 4 (where ChromaKey's key out is connected)
    • select the Art Card effect and set the luminance key to white
    • use the T-Bar to reveal the video background
  • external power supply
    jumper settings
    - key color
    - red (R-Y)
    - blue (B-Y)
    - key selection
    - chrominance part of Y/C
    - derived from composite

    MicroSearch ChromaKey + - Case front side
    Case, front side

    MicroSearch ChromaKey + - Case left side
    Case, left side

    MicroSearch ChromaKey + - Case right side
    Case, right side

    MicroSearch ChromaKey + - Case opened front side
    Case opened, front side

    MicroSearch ChromaKey + - Case opened top side
    Case opened, top side

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