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DCTV Software
Digital Creations / Progressive Image, USA
any Amiga
RGB port
    video display and digitiser
  • DCTV - Digital Composite Television - turns digital data from the RGB port to composite television signal
  • uses the RGB port as an I/O port for sending compressed video information:
    • the information is encoded into special Amiga display screens that DCTV recognises by a signature in the upper-left corner
    • these screens contain the digitised and compressed form of the analogue waveform data required to create the composite display
  • the resulting composite image quality is far better and much worse than a normal Amiga RGB display:
    • for pictures that contain a lot of colour changes (like photographic materials) the quality is as good as everyday television
    • in case of pictures with a lot of detail (like text) the display is blurry
  • uses the Amiga RAM as framebuffer - requires at least 1 MB of memory for functioning
  • supports resolutions from 640×200 to 736×482/566 (NTSC/PAL) in 24 bit
  • slow scan video digitiser - captures a still video frame in 6 to 10 seconds
  • the parallel port is used for sending digitised images to the Amiga
  • composite (RCA) input and output
  • DB23 RGB connector passthrough for connecting two monitors at the same time - one for the Amiga (RGB) and one for the DCTV (composite)
  • although DCTV does not interfere with normal genlock operation, its output cannot be fed into a genlock without the DCTV RGB Converter

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