Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Delfina Lite Photo Software
Petsoff, Finland
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
 Autoconfig ID
14501 / 1
  • Motorola DSP56002 @ 40 MHz
  • 24 bit data bus - 24 dB dynamic range
  • fully programmable using the supplied software
  • 96 kB, 24 bit SRAM, not expandable
  • one half of the memory can be addressed in program and X data space, the other half only in Y data space
  • zero-waitstate, 12 ns
  • Crystal CS4231A audio codec
  • sample frequencies up to 48 kHz at 16 bit
  • three stereo inputs (2 RCA, 1 internal CD-ROM), one stereo output (RCA)
  • all inputs can be mixed with Delfina's output
  • full duplex recording and playback
  • AHI driver
    optional serial interface module - DelfSer
  • connects to Delfina's expansion connector (DelfExp)
  • maximum serial speed is 625000 bps (1/64th of the DSP clock rate)
  • lower speeds are generated by dividing the maximum speed by an integer
  • DB25 serial connector
  • can be ordered with 100% Amiga compatible serial port - including -12V and +12V power - otherwise these signals are simply cut
  • allocates a buffer of its own in Delfina's memory, so using DelfSer may disable some memory hungry DSP effects
  • a 24 bit S/PDIF digital I/O was also planned for DelfExp, but never released
  • 8 bit Zorro bus interface logic - when running many sound outputting programs at the same time, the system may feel slow responding

    Petsoff Delfina Lite - Rev 1.2  front side
    Rev 1.2, front side

    Petsoff Delfina Lite - Rev 1.2  front side
    Rev 1.2, front side

    Petsoff Delfina Lite - Rev 1.2  back side
    Rev 1.2, back side

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