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Digi Tiger II Manual Photo Software
Klaus D. Tute, Germany
any Amiga
parallel port
  • 1989:
    • grabs 4096 colour (HAM) or 16 gray level monochrome images
    • eight resolutions from 320×256 to 704×560 (overscan)
    • composite input
  • 1993:
    • supports the AGA screen modes, including HAM8
    • composite and Y/C inputs
    • software revision 3.0
  • saturation, brightness and contrast knobs
  • test mode: grabs 75 monochrome images per second in 320×256 using a fixed palette for each picture (not user definable)
  • in lores modes Digi Tiger captures images continuously and stops only when a mouse button is pressed
  • in hires modes only a single frame is captured while the display is turned off due to the limited data rate to Chip RAM (except on Amigas with AGA chipset)
  • built in colour splitter
  • external power supply

    Klaus D. Tute Digi Tiger II - Exterior front side
    Exterior, front side

    Klaus D. Tute Digi Tiger II - Exterior rear side
    Exterior, rear side

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