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Utilities Unlimited, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
 Autoconfig ID
2171 / 21
2171 / 32
    Apple Macintosh emulation
  • allows emulating virtually any computer
  • all it needs is a simple software driver and ROM(s) from the computer to be emulated
  • all timers, interrupts, clocks are handled on hardware level
  • support for custom EPROMs, static RAM, and SIMM modules for any methods of storing computer OS
  • four empty 32 pin ROM / RAM sockets for OSs stored in DIP format (like 128 kB Mac ROMs) and a ROM SIMM socket
  • Macintosh emulation
    • uses the same standard serial IC as Macs
    • AppleTalk is fully supported via two optional 8 pin mini-DIN serial ports, (230400 bps normally, 921600 bps between two Emplants via AppleTalk, 460800 bps when connected to a Doubletalk board) - Appletalk printer / network support
    • optional autobooting SCSI controller (NCR 53C80) - pseudo DMA transfers up to 1.1 MB/s (not necessary if the Amiga has SCSI already)
    • serial and SCSI can be used on the Amiga side independently or simultaneously
    • optional hardware (Sybil - two passthrough connectors: one plugs into RGB, other into parallel) to handle 800 kB Mac floppy disks
    • Sybil operates by changing the clock speed of the Amiga's custom chips to match the different data rates of Mac formatted disks (the video display gets very distorted because of this)
    • Sybil can be disabled with a switch
  • optional e586 module
  • the SCSI controller is supported by NetBSD and OpenBSD

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