Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

EPROM-Bank Photo Software
Alcomp, Germany
A500, A1000
side expansion port
Zorro II
    EPROM reader
  • supports 27512 EPROMs (64 kB capacity)
  • two sockets can be occupied by 32256 static RAMs (buffered by battery)
  • A500 / A1000 version:
    • 16 sockets accept 1 MB
    • can be expanded with 16 more sockets for 2 MB capacity
    • connects to the side expansion port
    • passthrough connector
  • Zorro II version:
    • 32 sockets accept 2 MB
  • the start of the address range can be set by two DIP switches to avoid conflicts with other cards - 0x400000, 0x600000 or 0x800000
  • can be used as a physical drive - supports up to 8 partitions
  • autoboots with Kickstart 1.3
  • the boot partition can be selected during startup by pressing the left mouse button
  • can be used as Kickstart disk for the A1000
  • cannot burn EPROMs, only read (seperate EPROM burner needed)

    Alcomp EPROM-Bank -  front side
    front side

    Alcomp EPROM-Bank -  back side
    back side

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