Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Evolution 500 Manual Photo Software
MacroSystem, Germany
A500, A1000
side expansion port
    SCSI 2 controller
  • FAS216 controller IC
  • uses polled I/O, not DMA transfer
  • autoboot ROM - autoboots even under Kickstart 1.2
  • supports SCSI direct
  • does not support the RDB standard
  • DB25 external SCSI connector
  • no RAM option
  • A-Max II and Medusa drivers

    MacroSystem Evolution 500 - Exterior front side
    Exterior, front side

    MacroSystem Evolution 500 - PCB front side
    PCB, front side

    MacroSystem Evolution 500 - PCB back side
    PCB, back side

    MacroSystem Evolution 500 - Exterior back side
    Exterior, back side

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