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FastATA 1200 (PowerFlyer / Winner High Speed IDE) Photo
Elbox, Poland
Kickstart socket, Gayle
 Autoconfig ID
2206 / 8,16,18
2206 / 19,24,53
    Fast EIDE controller
  • supports PIO0, PIO3 and PIO4 devices
  • meets the ATA 3 and Fast ATA 2 specifications
  • up to 16.6 MB/s transfer speed
  • totally replaces the A1200's IDE controller by attaching to the Gayle and the ROMs
  • the ROMs have to be plugged onto the FastATA main board
  • a small fly has to be attached to pin 39 of the old IDE header
  • small cutout on the board allows access to the clock port for Catweasel users
  • three IDE headers:
    • two 40 pin, 3.5" (primary and secondary)
    • one 44 pin, 2.5" (primary)
  • the primary and secondary buses can be accessed at different speeds
  • up to four IDE or ATAPI devices can be connected at once
  • buffered and cached interface
  • reset switch connector
  • unconventional handling of >4 GB devices - they are simply split into separate logical 4 GB blocks
  • supported by Linux
  • FastATA 1200 Lite / PowerFlyer Junior
    • supports 16 bit ATA transfers only
    • can be upgraded to full 32 bit FastATA by simply plugging in the upgrade chip
  • FastATA 1200 Mk2
    • improved firmware in the PLD chips
    • newer autoboot ROM

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