Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

FireCracker Photo
Impulse, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
 Autoconfig ID
2104 / 0,1
  • horizontal resolutions: 382, 512, 768, 1024
  • vertical resolutions (NTSC): 241, 482
  • 1 or 2 MB RAM
  • DB23 RGB output connector (15.75 kHz only)
  • DB15 passthrough connector
  • unless the card is activated, the Amiga graphics is passed through
  • in overlay mode colour zero of the Amiga screen is replaced with the Firecracker output
  • double buffering
  • optional SVHS module
  • does not work with internal genlocks but works with many external genlocks
  • three pots for adjusting the RGB video levels
  • adjustment pots for genlock vertical positioning and genlock vertical timing
  • supported by Imagine, ADPro, Turbo Silver 3, Sculpt Animate 3D, Vista Pro

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