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Flicker-Fixer Manual Photo Software
Electronic Design, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
video slot
    flicker fixer
  • works only in 12 bit (4096 colours), no AGA compatibility, partial ECS compatibility
    • SuperHiRes and SuperHiRes Interlaced work fine, Productivity does not
    • has problems with NTSC screen modes
  • HD15 VGA connector
  • the manufacturer has given general guarantee that its Flicker-Fixer works with all genlocks - well, many genlocks are supported, but not all
  • stereo audio amplifier (2× 1 Watt sinus) for volume control
  • two RCA audio output connectors

    Electronic Design Flicker-Fixer - Rev 1.1 front side
    Rev 1.1, front side

    Electronic Design Flicker-Fixer - Rev 1.0  front side
    Rev 1.0, front side

    Electronic Design Flicker-Fixer - Rev 1.0  back side
    Rev 1.0, back side

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