Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Communications Specialties, USA
A500, A1000, A2000
RGB port
  • composite input
  • two composite (2× BNC), Y/C (2× BNC) and key (1× BNC) outputs
  • sunc source can be selected between video and Amiga
  • normal mode - colour zero is transparent, all others float above the live video backdrop
  • reverse mode - colour zero is solid, all other colours produce holes
  • no provision for fading Amiga graphics or video
  • adjustable RGB levels of the incoming Amiga signal
  • adjustable chrominance, luminance and composite gain of the outgoing video signal
  • adjustable horizontal, vertical and subcarrier timing of the outgoing video signal
  • comb filtering in the luminance channel
  • requires factory modification if used with an Amiga having Fat Agnus
  • external power supply

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