Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

G-Lock Software
Great Valley Products, USA
any Amiga
RGB port
    genlock and sound mixer
  • switchable dual composite input - software switching between two separate composite input sources for fast cuts between video - or a single high quality Y/C input
  • Composite to Y/C transcoder provides simultaneous composite, Y/C, and RGB outputs
  • the RGB output can be switched to provide YUV output for professional recording equipment
  • realtime ProcAmp controls allow adjustment of hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, filtering, gain, and more
  • SECAM to PAL conversion in VCR quality
  • keyer modes include Amiga only, external video only, overlay, inverse overlay, and control of Amiga ECS and AGA special effects
  • audio processor allows software switching and mixing control of two separate monaural audio sources, with full control over volume, treble, and bass
  • can operate as an adjustable electronic RGB color splitter for direct use with the NewTek Digi-View or other slow-scan video digitizers
  • works with the Display Enhancer and FlickerFreeVideo boards for simultaneous genlocked video and deinterlaced Amiga graphics output
  • complete software control with full ARexx and CLI interfaces
  • AmigaDOS 1.3, 2.x, 3.x compatible
  • does not require separate power supply
  • inputs:
    • 2× Composite, RCA jacks
    • 1× Y/C, mini-DIN
    • 1× Component (RGB), DB25 (from Amiga DB23)
    • 2× monoaural audio, RCA jacks
    • 1× control (from Amiga DB9 joystick port)
  • outputs:
    • 1× Composite, RCA jacks
    • 1× Y/C, mini-DIN
    • 1× Component (RGB or YUV), DB23
    • 1× monoaural audio, RCA jacks
  • video input standards (user selectable):
    • NTSC-M
    • PAL-B/G/I
    • SECAM-L/B/G/K
  • video output standards (Amiga dependent):
    • NTSC-M
    • PAL-B/G/I

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