Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

HDA-506 Photo Software
Spirit Technology, USA
A500, A1000
side expansion port
 Autoconfig ID
2034 / 4
    OMTI controller
  • serves as a host for a 62 pin OMTI5520 (ST412/506) controller card
  • supports RLL and MFM
  • works only with hard disks with OMTI or DTC controller
  • connects to the side expansion port
  • passthrough connector
  • the A500 chassis has space for a 3.5" hard disk
  • optional autoboot daughterboard (stdisk.device in ROM)
  • cannot load data into the RAM of 32 bit accelerators
  • if used together with a Spirit Inboard, the RAM has to be set to not autoconfig in order to avoid boot problems

    Spirit Technology HDA-506 - Interface  front side
    Interface, front side

    Spirit Technology HDA-506 - Interface  back side
    Interface, back side

    Spirit Technology HDA-506 - Bus adapter  front side
    Bus adapter, front side

    Spirit Technology HDA-506 - Bus adapter  back side
    Bus adapter, back side

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