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68000 socket
    Internal FastRAM Expansion
  • twelve DIP sockets accept 1.5 MB RAM
  • supports 256k×4 DIPs only
  • accepts DIPs in groups of four giving 0.5, 1, 1.5 MB configurations
  • battery backed up clock
  • connects to the 68000 socket, the 68000 is replaced onto the board
  • compatible with the DKB KwikStart II and ICD AdSpeed boards
  • NTSC A1000s: a clip has to attached to pin 14 of the chip at location P6 on the daughterboard
  • PAL A1000s: due to space constraints the clip doesn't fit, so it has to be cut off and the wire has to be soldered to pin 7 of the chip at location U4S on the motherboard
  • RAM banks have to be occupied starting from bank 1 (the bank toward the 68000)
    DIP Switch Settings
    Switch Setting Description
    1 OFF Reserved
    2 ON Autoconfig ($C00000)
    OFF No Autoconfig ($800000)
    3 & 4 OFF & OFF no memory installed
    ON & OFF bank 1 occupied (512K)
    OFF & ON bank and 2 occupied (1 MB)
    ON & ON all banks occupied (1.5 MB)

    DKB Insider II -  front side
    front side

    DKB Insider II -  back side
    back side

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