Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Golden Image Hand Scanner (JS-105-1M)
Golden Image, UK
any Amiga
parallel port
    handy scanner
  • scans monochrome and 64 grey shades
  • 400 dpi optical resolution
  • 105 mm scan width
  • status LED
  • scan start button
  • controls: contrast, resolution (100/200/300/400 dpi), dithering/bit depth (1 letter and 3 photo settings)
  • supplied with Migraph Touch-UP software
  • the same scanner is used for Atari and IBM PC scanner interfaces
    scanner interface
  • connects to the parallel port
  • for use with A1000, an adaptor is needed
  • 8 pin Mini-DIN connector for scanner
  • no passthrough connector
  • external power supply

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