Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Live! Photo Software
A-Squared Development, USA
side expansion port
 Autoconfig ID
1005 / 1
  • grayscale capture in 16 shades (15 frames/s)
  • colour capture in 32 (12 frames/s) or 4096 colours (4 frames/s)
  • supports overscan
  • does not have video buffer - the digitized data is transfered directly to the Amiga memory
  • takes over the entire machine during digitizing - no multitasking, no hard disk access
  • the intention is to fill the memory with video and then dump it hard disk or floppy
  • uses self-modifying code, so it's incompatible with 68020 or higher processors
  • composite input and output (RCA connectors)
  • connects to the side expansion port, no passthrough connector

    A-Squared Development Live! -  right side
    right side

    A-Squared Development Live! -  left side
    left side

    A-Squared Development Live! -  front side
    front side

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