Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Live! 500 Photo
A-Squared Development, USA
side expansion port
  • grayscale capture in 16 shades (15 frames/s)
  • colour capture in 32 (12 frames/s) or 4096 colours (4 frames/s)
  • supports overscan
  • does not have video buffer - the digitized data is transfered directly to the Amiga memory using DMA
  • composite input and output (RCA connectors)
  • own extrenal power supply
    Invision Plus software
  • seriously enhances the abilities of the card compared to the original Live! software
  • realtime effects (e.g. manipulation of colour register, fade out to black or white, wipes, strobes, looping) which can be attached to keys and mouse movements
  • effects can be combined (keys + mouse)
  • supports Anim-5 format
  • can capture sequences as large as the amount of free memory
  • multiple capture buffers

    A-Squared Development Live! 500 -  front side
    front side

    A-Squared Development Live! 500 -  rear side
    rear side

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