Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Lucas Photo Software
Anakin Research, Canada
68000 socket
  • Little Ugly Cheap Accelerator System
  • a public domain hardware hackers project, designed by Brad Fowles of Anakin Research
  • sold as a kit (only the PCB, programmed PALs and how to build documentation) all other parts (CPU, FPU, RAM, capacitors, diodes, sockets, etc.) had to be purchased separately
  • it did not fill the RFC rules so it was not possible to sell it all in one
  • 68020 @ 12 - 20 MHz
  • 68881 or 68882 @ 12 - 20 MHz
  • the first asynchronously clocked 68020 board
  • originally designed for 16 MHz
  • could be upgraded to 68030 using an adaptor board but the data caches are not supported (so no significant speed increase is possible)
    optional memory board - Frances
  • Fast Ram At Nominal Cost for Expanded Storage
  • 32 DIP sockets accept up to 4 MB RAM
  • possible configurations are 1, 2, 3 or 4 MB with 256k×4, 80 - 100 ns DIPs
  • 8421 DMA RAM controller chip
  • interleave access
  • connects into the 68000 socket
  • no 68000 fallback mode
  • selectable wait states
  • has to be fine tuned for specific A1000s (differnet timings) - this process is well documented
  • very noisy design, does not like 3rd party hardware connected to the side expansion port

    Lucas.lha (238 kB)
    Lucas - building instructions, schematics, PAL equations
    Frances.lha (280 kB)
    Frances - building instructions, schematics, PAL equations
    driver software
    AmigaFrancesMemory-20.lha (61 kB)
    AFM v2.0 - replacement driver software for Frances

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