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Medusa Manual Photo
MacroSystem, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
    Atari emulation
  • developed by Combitec, sold by MacroSystem
  • A500 / A1000 version connects to the side expansion port
  • Medusa v1:
    • Atari ST emulation only
    • does not support processor cards (the TOS does not know about 68020/030 processors)
    • Atari STE compatible ROM socket
  • Medusa v2:
    • Atari ST / TT emulation
    • two Atari ROM sockets
    • works with 68030 and 68020 + MMU processor cards (68010 or 68020 without MMU does not work)
    • uses the 32 bit RAM (copies the TOS into Fast RAM for speed increase)
    • with 8372A Agnus, 60 Hz display is possible
    • software flicker-fixer for older Agnus versions provides 35 Hz non-interlaced or 70 Hz interlaced
    • does not emulate the Atari MIDI interface

    MacroSystem Medusa - Rev 1 front side
    Rev 1, front side

    MacroSystem Medusa - Rev 1 back side
    Rev 1, back side

    MacroSystem Medusa - Rev 2.0 front side
    Rev 2.0, front side

    MacroSystem Medusa - Rev 2.0 back side
    Rev 2.0, back side

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