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MEGAmiga Photo
Analog Precision, USA
side expansion port
    RAM expansion
  • adds 1 or 2 MB FastRAM
  • mainboard carries 1 MB, the optional RAM daughterboard an additional megabyte (32 chips each)
  • expansion utilizes 256K×1 DIP chips
  • connects to side expansion port
  • passthrough connector
  • integrated power supply
  • multi-color status LED
  • jumper to select 1 or 2 MB RAM

    Analog Precision MEGAmiga - Exterior  front side
    Exterior, front side

    Analog Precision MEGAmiga - Exterior  right side
    Exterior, right side

    Analog Precision MEGAmiga - Case opened (with Daughterboard) top side
    Case opened (with Daughterboard), top side

    Analog Precision MEGAmiga - Exterior  left side
    Exterior, left side

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