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NakeD-Up Photo
Pre'spect, Canada
side expansion port
    Zorro II adapter
  • transforms the A500 or A1000 side expansion connector into a Zorro II slot
  • a small circuitry ensures correct timings
  • the Zorro card is mounted vertically and "naked" (no case)
  • attention has to be paid for the orientation of the Zorro card - wrong installation damages the card and/or the Amiga
  • available with or without passthrough connector
  • the usability of the passthrough is limited because of the missing Buster Chip on the A500 and A1000
  • up to two NakeD-Ups can be used together
  • special pin-out versions may be required for certain Zorro cards

    Pre'spect NakeD-Up -  top side
    top side

    Pre'spect NakeD-Up -  bottom side
    bottom side

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