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OpalVision Manual Photo Software
Opal Technologies, Australia
A2000, A3000, A4000
video slot
    genlock and framebuffer
  • 1.5 MB display RAM
  • DB23 RGB connector
  • automatically self configures for both PAL and NTSC video modes
  • software
    • OpalPaint: features rival those of broadcast industry paint systems, full 24 bit, real world artist tools, texture mapping, extensive image processing modes, colour and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes, special effects and much more
    • Opal Presents!: icon driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video (when the OpalVision Video Processor is attached), built in transition effects
    • OpalAnimMATE: creates delta compressed animations from any series of images or framestores and plays them back using the OpalVision hardware in realtime at rates up to 60 fps, works in 8, 12, 15, 18, 24 bit modes, features selectable screen sizes from 32×20 to 768×286
    • OpalVision Hotkey: allows instantly display 24 bit OpalVision graphics and combine them at any time with Amiga generated graphics and animations using simple key combinations, supports priority stenciling to allow the simultaneous placement of Amiga graphics in front of or behind OpalVision graphics
  • optional Video Processor and Roaster Chip
    • adds a wealth of additional features and functionality including framegrabbing, genlocking, chroma keying, luma keying, realtime colour processing of live video
    • provides an unlimited number of transitions and digital video effects including cuts, wipes, fades, special organic effects (soft- or hard edged), infinite range of flips, tumbles, page peels, image wrapping, picture in picture effects and more
    • 24 bit 35 ns character generator
  • optional OpalVision Video Suite
    • a 19 inch rack mountable unit which includes video and audio mixing, switching and transcending
    • connects directly to the Video Processor
    • 24 bit frame store
    • nine video and ten audio inputs
    • professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously in RGB or Y / R-Y / B-Y, composite and S-Video
    • linear transparency key provides transparency control between two video sources on a pixel by pixel basis
    • fully software sequenced audio mixer with smooth fades and full 5 band stereo frequency equalization
  • optional OpalVision Scan Rate converter / TBC
    • achieves 31 kHz non-interlaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and animations
    • deinterlaces any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC and includes full time base correction of incoming video
    • on board memory as an additional framestore for dual framebuffer applications
    • includes a full, infinite window time base corrector which operates in RGB for excellent quality
  • the Progressive 040/2000 processor board needs a simple modification (replacing a capacitor) in order to work correctly with the OpalVision

    Opal Technologies OpalVision - Rev 2.0 front side
    Rev 2.0, front side

    Opal Technologies OpalVision - Rev 1.0 front side
    Rev 1.0, front side

    Opal Technologies OpalVision - Rev 1.0 back side
    Rev 1.0, back side

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