Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Processor Accelerator (PA-1000) Software
Creative Microsystems, USA
68000 socket
  • 68000 @ 14.3 MHz, synchronous to the motherboard
  • software and jumper switchable 7 or 14 MHz mode
  • optional PGA FPU up to 16 MHz with separate oscillator
  • later revisions of the board have a Kickstart socket, eliminating the need for the Kickstart disk and freeing 256 kB of memory - installing a Kickstart ROM however requires some modifications on the A1000 motherboard, including the replacement of a PAL chip
  • in 14 MHz mode the Kickstart ROM can be also driven at 14 MHz
  • optional battery backed up clock
  • connects to the 68000's socket
  • works in the A2000, but the battery on the motherboard has to be relocated
  • can be installed together with the DKB Insider

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