Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Perfect Vision
Sunrize Industries, USA
any Amiga
parallel port
  • grabs 320×200 or 320×400 images with 16 gray scales
  • grabs the entire image in one video frame time (1/60th seconds non-interlaced, 1/30th seconds interlaced) so it can digitize a moving source without smearing
  • stores the frame in its own 64 kB memory
  • it takes about half a second to send the image to the Amiga through the parallel port
  • can grab colour images with a colour wheel or the Sunrize Color Splitter
  • saves images with 16 gray shades, 32 or 4096 (HAM) colours
  • produces lower quality colour images than DigiView
  • composite video input (RCA connector)
  • brightness and contrast knobs
  • external power supply

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