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PhonePak VFX Photo Software
Great Valley Products, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
 Autoconfig ID
2017 / 11
    integrated voice mail and fax system
  • Yamaha YTM401 voice-fax chip
  • sending and receiving of faxes at 2400-9600 bps
  • auto fax detection
  • audio record and play back at 9600 Hz, 8 bit
  • two RCA connectors: line in for digitizing, line out for audio monitoring of incoming calls
  • two RJ11 telephone jacks: one to the phone line, the other to a local telephone
  • audio can be recorded and played back through the local telephone too
  • an attached fax machine can be used as scanner
  • voice compression feature
  • record and play back of voice and fax messages remotely
  • schedule sending faxes
  • multiple PhonePaks can be installed for multiple phone lines
  • multiple PhonePaks can share mail boxes
  • in order to use the PhonePak in an A3000 or A4000, a Zorro II RAM expansion has to be added in another slot because these machines have problems with Zorro II DMA to Chip RAM

    Great Valley Products PhonePak VFX -  front side
    front side

    Great Valley Products PhonePak VFX -  front side
    front side

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