Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

C.A.S., Germany
trapdoor slot
  • 768 kB RAM expansion - expands the A1000 to 512 kB Chip RAM and 512 kB ranger RAM (slow Fast RAM)
  • 24 64k×4, 120 ns DIPs
  • supplied with a special Kickstart disk (Kickstart 1.2+) which enables the additional 512 kB
  • the additional 512 kB can be disabled at any soft reset by pressing the left mouse button
  • connects to the front panel expansion slot
  • the A1000 front slot lacks the required amount of signals for addressing 768 kB so 12 wires and four ICs have to be soldered into the A1000
  • made of two circuit boards like a sandwich - does not fit under the original front slot cover
  • the supplied replacement face plate protrudes 1.5 cm to the front and also a bit downward so the keyboard cannot be pushed under the Amiga - raising the A1000 a bit helps

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