Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Scandy Manual Photo
MicroniK, Germany
video slot
    scan doubler
  • doubles the horizontal frequency of all 15.6 kHz screen modes to 31kHz
  • Super72 (24 kHz) and A2024 are just passed through
  • supports the AGA chipset
  • can be installed in Amigas with normal (not extended) video slot
  • HD15 VGA connector
  • synchronisation adjustment jumper

    MicroniK Scandy - Rev 1.2 front side
    Rev 1.2, front side

    MicroniK Scandy - Rev 1.4 front side
    Rev 1.4, front side

    MicroniK Scandy - Rev 1.2 back side
    Rev 1.2, back side

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