Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

256k RAM Board Photo
Starpoint Software, USA
trapdoor slot
  • 256 kB Chip RAM expansion
  • eight 64k×4 DIPs
  • connects to the front panel expansion slot
  • designed by Bryce Nesbitt
  • both sides of the circuit board are full of funny writings and drawings:
    • "this side down" (an arrow points to the right)
    • "Hi Matt!"
    • "I'm schizophrenic and so am I"
    • "Hello hackers"
    • "Kilroy was here"
    • "Humpty Dumpty was pushed!"
    • "Harriet Merchanice Inc"
    • "Hare Krsna..."
    • "electrons go this way ->"
    • "<- electron flow"
    • "today's winning lottery number: Pi"
    • "wanted: Russian secrets, inquire within"
    • a footprint of a dog

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