Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Digital Creations / Progressive Image, USA
any Amiga
RGB port
    external genlock and video encoder
  • genlocks to external NTSC video
  • encodes Amiga RGB into NTSC video
  • overlays Amiga graphics onto external NTSC video
  • selectable 3.58 MHz notch filter
  • 64 levels of dissolve
  • selectable internal and external blanking source
  • RGB In - receives the RGB output from the Amiga
  • RGB Pass Thru (DB25 converted to DB23) - display Amiga graphics on an RGB monitor
  • Key Out (BNC) - key signal for video switcher, tells when Amiga colour 0 is present or not
  • Video In (BNC) - source video from VTR, sync-generator, etc.
  • Video Thru (BNC) - untouched signal from Video In
  • Video Out (2× BNC) - combined output of input video and the encoded Amiga graphics
  • graphics dissolve slider - controls the percentage of foreground graphics against external video
  • background dissolve slider - controls the percentage of background colour against external video
  • interpretive dissolve switch - controls whether or not the darkness of an Amiga colour is to be interpreted as a level of dissolve
  • notch filter switch - removes colour artifacts or some forms of flicker

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