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SupraRAM 500RX Manual Photo Software
Supra, USA
side expansion port
 Autoconfig ID
1056 / 10
  • sixteen ZIP sockets accept up to 8 MB RAM
  • supports 256k×4 and 1M×4 ZIPs, 120 ns or faster
    • adds 0.5, 1 or 2 MB with 256k×4 ZIPs
    • adds 2, 4 or 8 MB with 1M×4 ZIPs
  • accepts ZIPs in groups of four
  • ZIP types cannot be mixed
  • disable switch
  • connects to the side expansion port
  • passthrough connector
  • connector for an additional external power supply

    Supra SupraRAM 500RX - Board front side
    Board, front side

    Supra SupraRAM 500RX - Board back side
    Board, back side

    Supra SupraRAM 500RX - Case bottom side
    Case, bottom side

    Supra SupraRAM 500RX - Case top side
    Case, top side

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