Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

T-Card & T-Disk
Tecmar, USA
side expansion port
    SASI controller
  • the first hard disk for the Amiga
  • SASI (Shugart Associates System Interface) is the predecessor of SCSI
  • the original driver software does not support Kickstart 1.3 and the Fast File System
  • DB37 connector for the T-Disk and T-Tape units
    • T-Disk contains a SASI to ST-506 adaptor card and an ST-506 hard disk drive
    • T-Tape was never released
  • does not autoboot
  • does not support the RDB standard
  • 32 DIP sockets for 256 kB or 1 MB RAM
  • takes 64k×4 or 256k×1 DIPs
  • does not autoconfig
  • being the first on the market and thus having no competition, T-Card and T-Disk was very overpriced
  • DB25 serial port intended for the T-Modem, which was never released
  • battery backed up clock
  • connects to the side expansion port - no passthrough connector
  • obscures the mouse and joystick ports and reroutes them to the front of the unit
  • external power supply - powers both the T-Card and the T-Disk

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