Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Trumpcard 2000 Photo Software
Interactive Video Systems, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
 Autoconfig ID
2112 / 48
    SCSI controller
  • AMD 53C80
  • uses polled I/O, not DMA transfer
  • 50 pin internal header
  • place for a 3.5" hard disk on the card
  • autoboot ROM (IVS_SCSI.device) - autobooting requires at least Kickstart 1.3
  • when booting from floppy disk, the hard disk is not mounted automatically in order to prevent virus infection - but pressing the left mouse button during startup forces the HD to be mounted
  • hard disk activity LED connector
  • not RDB compatible
  • A-Max II driver (ivs_scsi.amhd)

    Interactive Video Systems Trumpcard 2000 - TrumpCard  front side
    TrumpCard, front side

    Interactive Video Systems Trumpcard 2000 - TrumpCard  back side
    TrumpCard, back side

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