Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

VideoMaster Photo
VidTech, USA
any Amiga
RGB port
  • looping composite input (2× BNC)
  • looping Y/C input (2× mini-DIN)
  • composite outputs (2× BNC)
  • Y/C outputs (2× mini-DIN)
  • the input source has to be selected manually on the front panel
  • transcoding between composite and Y/C
  • intergrated blackburst generator permits recording without incoming video signal
  • dissolve to any Amiga graphics / input video combination, or fade to black
  • special effects generator produces horizontal, vertical and circle wipes, either automatically timed or manually controlled
  • key output for video mixers (1× BNC)
  • RGB splitter output (1× BNC) - works automatically with DigiView Gold and manually with other digitisers
  • separate NTSC and PAL versions
  • bypass switch
  • optional external power supply (required for A500) - power source can be selected on the front panel

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