Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Video Toaster Photo
NewTek, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
video slot
 Autoconfig ID
2191 / 0
  • combination of a video switcher, a genlock, a framebuffer and special effects device
  • 4× composite inputs (BNC)
  • 2× composite outputs (BNC) - Preview and Program
  • Input 1 is used to time all the signals to - although the Toaster has its own sync generator, it is recommended to connect a stable external video source here
  • requires time base corrected video sources
  • stricly a composite device - it works exclusively with composite video signals internally
  • NTSC only
  • the Video Toaster won the Emmy Award, the broadcast industry's most prestigious award
  • 2 MB dual frame buffer can hold two 768×400 images in 24 bit
  • stores images freezed from incoming video
  • digital video effects from one stored image to another
  • encodes Amiga RGB to composite video
  • overlays and dissolves graphics or video on any input source
  • Luminance Keyer - allows the superimposing of an actor in front of a background or fly text over video
  • Switcher:
    • controls the inputs, framebuffer, framegrabber and serves as a launcher for the other Toaster applications
    • four banks of digital video effects with over 300 combinations and transitions: flips, tumbles, pulls, spins, smooth fades, standard wipes, transparent cast shadows, synchronized sound effects, positionable windows and one hundred color process effects
    • requires at least 3 MB Fast RAM and 1 MB Chip RAM
  • ToasterCG:
    • 35 ns character generator
    • capable of generating up to 100 pages of text using any of the 100 postscript fonts included
    • creates titles with scrolls, crawls, graphics, gradient blends, variable transparency and font scaling from 10-400 lines high
  • ToasterPaint:
    • 24 bit painting
    • the interface uses a standard Amiga screen in HAM mode, 768×400 is achieved as a virtual canvas
    • image information is maintained inetranally as 24 bit data and can be displayed anytime in 24 bit with the still-store
  • LightWave 3D

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