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Vidi-Amiga Manual Photo Software
Rombo Productions, UK
A500, A1000
parallel port
    realtime framegrabber
  • grabs 16 colour or 16 gray level monochrome images in 1/50 seconds but transfers them through the parallel port at 3 frames/sec
  • can grab 4096 colour HAM images with the optional Vidi-RGB colour splitter and its Vidi-Chrome software
  • 320×256 PAL (interlaced)
  • 320×200 NTSC (interlaced)
  • 6 MHz, 4 bit A/D converter chip
  • 32 kB RAM buffer
  • composite input (RCA)
  • takes power from the joystick port or from the external floppy disk port via adapter (adapter provided for later revisions)
  • requires a gender changer when used with the A1000

    Rombo Productions Vidi-Amiga -  top side
    top side

    Rombo Productions Vidi-Amiga -  right side
    right side

    Rombo Productions Vidi-Amiga -  left side
    left side

    Rombo Productions Vidi-Amiga -  front side
    front side

    Rombo Productions Vidi-Amiga -  back side
    back side

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