Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

Vidi Amiga 12 Photo Software
Rombo Productions, UK
any Amiga
parallel port
    realtime framegrabber
  • grabs 4096 colour images in less than a second, or 16 gray level monochrome images in 1/50 seconds
  • 320×512 PAL (interlaced)
  • 320×400 NTSC (interlaced)
  • displays images up to 640×512
  • can display images in 256 grays or in HAM8
  • constantly updating monochrome preview
  • colour images are grabbed in three passes (R, G, B) and mixed together by software
  • one Composite and one S-VHS input - multiple video sources can be connected and selected by software
  • takes power from the external floppy disk port

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