Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

V-Lab/Par Y/C Photo Software
MacroSystem, Germany
any Amiga
parallel port
    realtime framegrabber
  • 24 bit realtime framegrabbing
  • Interleaved Frame Recording
  • grabs images quickly into its own memory but transferring and displaying through the parallel port is slow
  • digitized images are stored in YUVN format
  • 3 MB, 30 ns DRAM
  • two Composite and one S-VHS input - multiple video sources can be connected and selected by software
  • TBC is not required
  • VHI driver
  • external power supply

    MacroSystem V-Lab/Par Y/C - PCB front side
    PCB, front side

    MacroSystem V-Lab/Par Y/C - Exterior top side
    Exterior, top side

    MacroSystem V-Lab/Par Y/C - Exterior front side
    Exterior, front side

    MacroSystem V-Lab/Par Y/C - PCB back side
    PCB, back side

    VLab-13.dms (367 kB)
    install disk v1.3
    vlab.library v1.0, VLab v1.3
    VLab-40.dms (338 kB)
    install disk v4.0
    vlab.library v7.3, VLab v4.0
    VLab-41.dms (340 kB)
    install disk v4.1
    vlab.library v7.3, VLab v4.1
    VLab-42.dms (378 kB)
    install disk v4.2
    vlab.library v8.2, VLab v4.2

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