Amiga Hardware Database Expansion cards

X-Power Manual Photo Software
Data & Electronics / GameWorks, Netherlands
A500, A1000
side expansion port
Zorro II
  • successor of the Nordic Power freezer module
  • A500 / A1000 version:
    • plugs into the side expansion port
    • 3 LEDs, indicating memory scan (yellow), speed (green) and enabled freeze mode (red)
    • slow motion disable switch
    • slow motion controller
  • A2000 version:
    • no LEDs, no slow motion disable switch
    • covered connector for diagnosis purposes (not to be used)
    • two connectors for slow motion controller and freeze button
    • card features only 86 pins, but has to be inserted in Zorro slot
    • not compatible with bridge boards
  • freezer features:
    • trainer maker
    • save computer memory (freezed programs) to disk
    • machine monitor / disassembler
    • disk / file utilities: Dir, Path, MkDir, Rename, Erase, Install, Format, FileCopy, DiskCopy
    • picture / music (tracker) / sample ripper
    • sprite editor
    • slow motion controller
    • slide show generator for IFF images
    • joystick autofire
    • disk monitor
    • shows computer status (disk parameters, ChipRAM, FastRAM...)
    • detects non-standard boot blocks (virus test)
    • joystick test
    • includes X-Copy on cartridge
    • color and screen mode adjust

    Data & Electronics / GameWorks X-Power -  top side
    top side

    Data & Electronics / GameWorks X-Power -  bottom side
    bottom side

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