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My A1200 Workstation

Keep the Faith

For all those interested in collecting and using
the Commodore and Amiga range of computers and consoles,
and with a general interest in retro computing.

Important Announcement

BIG BIG NEWS ! This site now has its very own domain
And we have moved to a new location under the new dedicated
domain of so reset your
link to the new page... to which you are about to be transported

As of 15th January 2006 this site resides at

I have created a Yahoo Group based around the pages of this
site, to keep those interested of news regarding the
collection and to discuss all things Commodore Amiga Retro

The scuzz Commodore Collection

Welcome to the home of scuzz`s Commodore Collection
of computers and peripherals including the Amiga range
of computers. All computers and assorted extras featured
on these pages are owned by me and have been collected
at various times since November 1993

My favoured machine is the Amiga A1200 which is without
doubt the greatest home computer of all time. whilst many
long for the wide open expanse of the tin box I joy in the
home console computer and all the goodies created to
embelish these tiny wonders.

And so if you like looking at old computers and particularly
those created by Commodore, then simply enter my site and
feel free to stay as long as you like.

A word about the site. I have listed the collection into
models, ranging from the C16, Plus-4, VIC-20 up to
C128D on the Commodore side, and A1000 to A1200 on the
Amiga side of things. These are all galleried pages, and
therefore expect a small period of time as pictures
download. Also there are pictures of many peripherals
lists of books, documents and coverdisks, all of which
are related to Commodore

What you will not find on this site are adverts, non-related
galleries or pop-ups, and sadly no `chicks`. But there you go
what did you expect from a computer geek

And who am I ... well you can call me scuzz, enjoy


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