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This is our 4th generation of the website. This link brings you to our completely preserved previous generation of our Web Site. If you are looking for Product Information downloads for no longer shipping products, this is the place.  
ViDock 4th Generation, Coming 2014

ViDock Nano

Portable and stack-able Mini Computer Units

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ViDock Micro

Powerful DIY modular AiO System

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ViDock Mini

Low Cost Computer Expansion

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First Blog Entry

Our new Web Site is moving along. Today we are turning on the Blog System. Since 2011 we have engaged intensively with the ViDock community on Facebook. Together we created the fourth Generation of ViDock with exactly the features you wanted. Facebook was great to get this community started. But working on Facebook also had its limitations. For once not everybody is on Facebook. Many of my friends are in the Google Universe. A lot of valuable content has been created in the Village ViDock Facebook page, but unfortunately it can not be searched, tagged or categorized. We also can not comfortably add authors to our Facebook page. They can not be differentiated from Village Staff and they automatically become supervisors.

Welcome to our new Blog. It fixes all above shortcomings. News will be blogged here and pushed out to all social media. For anybody to leave a comment he is just two clicks away: a) click to navigate to our site to this blog b) login with his Facebook or Google+ credentials.

Our community has a fair share of serious contributors, which now are registered Authors who can happily blog away here. Powerful tools such as creating Authoring Teams, Categorizing and Tagging Blog Entries will bring this writing to even more use. This blog will become the breading ground for new products and new installation procedures. It will start with an idea. If it has merit a lot of comments with valuable added information will ensure. It might grow into a category and finally be compiled into an Article or Product with its product page.

For me this blog might change my life. I am a massive writer. Until now I just write on our intranet. I am very curious to see what will happen if I publish my research here. You will see life what we are working on. During product development the biggest changes to products can be made. The closer you come to release, the less change is possible. Consequently, the earlier we give you access to our product development to the community, the more influence the entire community has what the core community (Village) is building for everyone to enjoy.

I am very excited and curious about what is going to happen next? I hope you are too? Let me know. Write a comment!