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    glFTPd scripts by Turranius: Updates

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    New Xferlog-import script

    UpdatesI'm running a legal FTP and wanted to import the xferlog into mysql to grab stats and whatnot. Tried my old xferlog-import.sh script and it would have taken 2 weeks to import it using that slow thing.

    So, I made a new simpler one that simply pushes the whole xferlog with all its info into mysql. Took 10 seconds instead.
    It does not have all the documentation that my scripts used to have. Its not even archived. Anyway, I hope you can understand it anyway.

    Its in Downloads_Quick / Turranius and is called xferlog-import_3.0.sh. Just right click it and "Save as".
    You can crontab it like this if you want:
    */5 * * * * /glftpd/bin/xferlog-import_3.0.sh

    Posted by turranius on Wednesday, February 05 @ 10:32:57 UTC
    (2453 reads)
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    Tur-Search update to 2.5.3

    UpdatesFixed a problem when using --create --noclear and it tried to create a symlink already existing in the Search_Links directory.
    It would then actually create the symlink in the releasedir itself, causing a loop.


    Posted by turranius on Tuesday, May 15 @ 23:03:06 UTC
    (4882 reads)
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    Tur-Trial 3 updated to 3.5.2

    UpdatesTheres a post in the forums about this. I appriciate you guys solving stuff yourself.
    However, this time I actually fixed it too =).

    So, this fixed the date: invalid date `2007-02-29' errors you have been getting.


    Posted by turranius on Tuesday, February 13 @ 13:20:17 UTC
    (4734 reads)
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    Tur-Search updated to 2.5.2

    UpdatesSmall update to fix a potential problem which searching for stuff that included ( ). With some egrep binaries, those results were not shown.


    Posted by turranius on Friday, December 22 @ 14:38:08 UTC
    (2330 reads)
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    Tur-UnDupe updated to 1.1

    UpdatesYeah, some updates like the good old days. This does not mean I'm planning a fat comeback although it IS fun to script again. I'm a bit rusty and have no site of my own so this might be temporary.

    Anyway, it seems glftpd corrupts the time the file was uploaded in the dupefile file. This is what I read to announce how old the file is when unduping. Since I can not fix glftpd, I added a cosmetic fix. If the filetime in the dupefile is 0, it will no longer say that its 13000+ days old. Instead it will keep quiet about the time and just give your the name of the uploader. Looks a lot better.


    Posted by turranius on Saturday, September 09 @ 00:41:40 UTC
    (40100 reads)
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    Tur-Archiver updated to 2.5

    UpdatesThere was a problem when checking the age of releases before moving them. Now, this should have broken it entirely but I have recived no reports on this and version 2.4 is not exactly new so I am unsure if this affected everyone. Looking at the script, it should have.


    Posted by turranius on Friday, September 08 @ 10:20:07 UTC
    (8495 reads)
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    MSS Updated to 2.26

    UpdatesFix: Only affects you if you use RUNLOCAL=FALSE in mss-slave.conf. If so, when running a full sync and it detected an actionfile in the middle of the run, it would process it and afterwards continue with the full sync (this is normal) but it would mess up the location of the userfiles on the hub. Its rare that you would see this and it would not cause any errors part from the user in the actionfile not being synced. But atleast its fixed =)

    Thanks durex for finding the error and the solution.


    Posted by turranius on Monday, September 04 @ 19:09:41 UTC
    (18014 reads)
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    MSS Package Updated to 2.25

    UpdatesIt now syncs the EXPIRES field in the userfiles as well. This is for gLFTPd 2+ only.

    See CHANGELOG for upgrading instructions.


    Posted by turranius on Tuesday, January 03 @ 22:20:39 UTC
    (1882 reads)
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    MSS Updated to 2.24

    UpdatesYes, I know I'm retired, but this one was really needed.

    EncriptEd informed me that in glftpd 2.01RC5, there is a new field in the userfiles called DNS.
    This will now be synced from the hub as well.
    No config changes. It uses SYNCIP=TRUE/FALSE in mss-slave.conf so just replace mss-core.sh if you are current using package 2.23 (mss-core.sh 2.16).


    Posted by turranius on Sunday, December 04 @ 10:51:17 UTC
    (11160 reads)
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    Tur-Links Updated to 1.2

    UpdatesYou can now specify ~DEEP, ~2xDEEP or ~3xDEEP in the sections to automatically enter subdirdirs instead of specifying each one.

    You may now specify 'debug' as first argument and it will show what its doing.

    It now uses the unlink binary to remove symlinks instead of rm -f, so you can keep files you want to keep in your destination dir.


    On a side note, I'm still on a prolonged script vacation. I no longer run or script any sites so the need to script has somewhat diminished, and no, I do not want to be the scripter of your site =)
    I'll just call it a prolonged vacation for now and we'll see what happens in the future. I'll probably do requests to script for some reward or something. My shrink says I'm too nice to everyone and I need to start thinking about myself some. Sad but true =)

    Posted by turranius on Sunday, October 09 @ 13:44:53 UTC
    (11108 reads)
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    Tur-GroupTransfer Updated to 1.3

    Updated for glftpd 2+ again. Should be working now.


    Posted by turranius on Tuesday, August 23 @ 22:57:18 UTC
    (5574 reads)
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    Tur-Request Updated to 2.15.1

    UpdatesIf msgsdir was not set in tur-request.conf, the script did not grab who made the requests and as such, you could not reqdel. This has been fixed.


    Posted by turranius on Friday, August 05 @ 11:01:25 UTC
    (5880 reads)
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    Tur-TotalTraffic Updated to 1.1

    UpdatesAs cleese pointed out (thanks), I wasnt using the best way to get the first date when presenting the data.
    This has been rectified =)


    Posted by turranius on Monday, August 01 @ 21:35:38 UTC
    (3216 reads)
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    Tur-Space Updated to 1.1

    Some extra verifications are added. In some wierd combination, it could wipe more then it should.
    Besides the automatic checks, I've also added a security fix in the config:
    Nothing in any parent dir of the SECURITY_PATH can be deleted or moved by this script.

    This is a required update!


    Posted by turranius on Sunday, July 31 @ 18:18:38 UTC
    (29946 reads)
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    Tur-Trial Updated to 3.5.1

    UpdatesThe passed table was not being cleaned of old and removed users.


    Posted by turranius on Sunday, July 31 @ 18:11:00 UTC
    (3272 reads)
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